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LIft Your Truck with a Suspension Lift Kit

You see them driving all around Jacksonville FL, up and down I-95 and around the beaches. Pickup trucks, Jeeps and SUV’s with these massive tires as they are lifted off of the ground. Are there any benefits to doing this? Will this cause any damage to my truck? Why should I get a lift kit? How can I get a lift kit installed? These are all great questions that we hope to answer for you.

Why Should I Install a Lift Kit on my Truck?

Style & Looks - The main reason why many people in the Jacksonville area want to have there vehicle lifted is for the look it has. Giving your truck or jeep an addition 4”-6” height off of the ground or having massive tires has a wow factor like no other. You will make people’s heads turn when they see your truck for the first time and that one of the main reasons why people get a lift kit installed on there truck. Keep in mind though, you want it to drive with comfort, be durable and safe. This is why it is not recommended that you try to install any lift kit yourself.

Performance - If you are into off roading or mudding then the benefits of a lifting your truck or jeep is huge. We are able to help you determine the exact type of parts you will need to meet your needs and ensure optimal performance. Buying just any kit for your vehicle will not work, it has to be tuned for your vehicle and this is why we recommend you speak with one of our experts first. You want optimum off-road capabilities and performance at all times, speak with one of our techs today to see what we can do for your truck or jeep.

Lift Kit Information